Putting YOU in control


Customisable Audit

An Audit, Project Flow and Quality Management System


Auditor & Surveyor

Management of workflow with auditor and surveyor (site auditor) level controls



Low infrastructure requirement for client or project rollout.


Information Storage

Database storage of all information with set reporting or customable functionality

TecTonix is an Audit and verification system that consists of a PC based GUI or Front-End where Audit functions in the form of project to be completed templates can be opened and issued to field auditors, surveyors, quality managers or general staff. The field agents use a Tablet based application where operators/verifiers/auditors/etc. can complete and submit work performed. This real time interactive system works within a user controlled work flow environment with customisable outcome based templates.

Tectonix is a Cloud Based Solution (with downtime stability worked in) where no hardware is required by an Enterprise to use the system. This system provides the ability to manage the execution of projects continents apart.

A prerequisite for the use of the TecTonix system is internet access, as the system is Cloud Based. In the event poor communication the system can work in a downtime stable mode, but will need to be in communication with the home base to update through synchronisation. The solution requires occasional access to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data in order to function correctly, the better the access the more stable and real time the system.

The TecTonix system consists of a list of default reports that can be scheduled for distribution to specified Users of the system. The TecTonix system require project Templates which can be used or be modified and saved to suit the requirements of the customer base.

What is TecTonix?

TecTonix is a customisable Audit, project flow and quality management system.

Audit functionality in TecTonix includes Fixed asset audit management, Quality audit management and Event audit management. TecTonix seamlessly handles the management of workflow between the auditor and surveyor (site auditor).

The workflow works on the basis of a template per project, type of assignment or site. TecTonix allows for the Assignment, Completion, Verification and the Acceptance of corrections and work done.

Throughout the process flow, TecTonix enables completion of information or photographs as per the set rules of the auditor management. These rules can enforce compliance to instructions, lists, drop down menus, comments or the taking of photographs that will be added to the line item in question.

TecTonix is a cloud based, and as such has a low infrastructure requirement for the client or project rollout. Databased storage of all information, with set reporting or customable functionality sets TecTonix apart in terms of usability & flexibility.

System Components

Work flow management system

Roll and responsibility management

Project and sub-project level management

Template management

Section and questions management within templates

Interactive real time office to field Comments, instructions and photo management

Interactive real time progress management

Project component Assign, submit, reject and accept control management

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